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Edumaax Education Group is owned by MAA Group Berhad (MAAG), as its education entity.

The group is managed by the Senior Management Group, chaired by the President, Ms. Anne Rajasaikaran, who works closely with other senior officers in the group.

The Chairman of the Group is Tunku Dato’ Yaacob Khyra, Executive Chairman of MAA Group of companies.

Senior Officers of the Edumaax Education Group
Anne Rajasaikaran

Chief Executive Officer
Edumaax Education Group

Meera Kanapidy

Head of Human Resource
Edumaax Education Group

Yap Sit Yee

Chief Financial Officer
Edumaax Education Group

Meby Ignatius

Head of Marketing
Edumaax Education Group

About Edumaax Education Group

Edumaax Education Group (EEG) was formed by MAA Group Bhd (MAA) executive chairman Tunku Dato’ Yaacob Khyra, with the belief that that learning is a lifelong process and no one should be deprived of that, which is something he holds dear to his heart.

Understanding the importance of this, Tunku Dato’ Yaacob Khyra made education a key pillar of MAA’s strategy with the purchase of St. John’s International School (SJIS) in 2019 and the establishment of Imperium International College (Imperium) in 2020, under the Edumaax Education Group.

With Kasturi Academia Sdn Bhd, SJIS and Imperium under its belt, MAA has plans to create a one-stop education hub to make high quality education accessible, thanks to its connections with the Budimas Charitable Foundation and the National Higher Education Fund Corporation.

Rooting from Kasturia Academia Sdn Bhd which was formed in 1983, Edumaax Education Group now comprises of Imperium International College, St. John’s International Primary and Secondary School and Alfa Academic Tuition Centre.

Within the tertiary education sector, Imperium International College has built and maintain top-rated partners including United Kingdom’s Anglia Ruskin University and United States’ Fort Hays State University to provide more options for academic and career development. Through these collaborations, students are able to gain international exposure without having to leave the country.

In its efforts to be a leader in providing a first class, well rounded holistic education in a stimulating learning environment, St. John’s International School or SJIS presents a new milieu for students from different cultures and backgrounds to be nurtured in education, sports and extra-curricular activities excellence.

Both Kasturi Tuition Centre and Alfa Academic Tuition Centre are focused on coaching students to achieve their highest individual performance, thanks to an array of highly experienced teachers who are specialists in their respective subjects. Revision, study, and examination answering techniques are emphasized in all our classes to ensure each student is coached to achieve the highest grade or score possible.

Most recently, EEG introduced its latest education entity – Edumaax Professional Centre, an institution that primarily focuses on offering Masters programme and fast-track ACCA programme for working professionals. It is design for individuals who are looking to pursue professional qualifications without sitting for MPU papers.

EEG’s institutions not only emphasizes on students’ academic qualification, but also a holistic well-rounded education experience. A principal educational goal of the group is to provide relevant quality education in a stimulating academic, social and cultural environment and develop – in the process – graduates as lifelong learners who will make a positive contribution to society nationally and internationally. The ultimate objective is to create an environment where teaching and learning take place in a culture of scholarship, creativity, and innovation.

To date, the institutions under EEG has disbursed more than RM10 million in scholarships to hundreds of deserving students. The group also closely works with The Budimas Charitable Foundation in providing quality education to underprivileged children across the nation.

Tunku Yaacob Khyra believes that education is an important tool for one’s success and the success of the nation.